With a passion for helping people and organizations navigate the world of work and business across regions and borders. Working with groups and individuals, facilitating workshops & providing individual & organizational coaching.

KHD Consulting International LLC offers cross-cultural and management training, career transition consulting and relocation & repatriation training & coaching. We advise & assist companies entering the US market on HR related matters, such as recruitment & talent management and development.

Your International Career & Business – for Managers, Staff & Teams

Is your business global? Working in teams across time zones and cultures? Are you or your business entering the US market?

We will:

  • Enhance your intercultural and global business relationships through improved intercultural competence and communication;
  • Assist you in finding, assessing & evaluating the talent you need.
  • Strengthen your skills in advising and teaching students from diverse backgrounds

Managing your Career Transition – for Individuals and Groups

Are you going through a career transition or wish to make changes in your current life and career path?

We offer:

  • Support in managing life transitions & change;
  • Tailored career transition and strategic job search coaching;
  • Global career paths for expatriates and globe trekkers
  • Insight into careers with the United Nations System.

Your Global Life on the Move – For Staff, Families & Students

Are you a company relocating staff and their families across borders and cultures? Are you moving to a new country or region for work or as a student?

We offer:

  • Cross-cultural competence and repatriation training and coaching for families and individuals with a focus on adjusting and thriving in a new culture, managing change and transitions, identifying and coping with culture chock.
  • Country specific training for living and working in the US and the Nordic Countries.

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